Local & Organic
Austrian Cuisine

At our sustainable resort we only cook what we know.

The incredible quality of the Austrian food you will enjoy at our sustainable resort is rooted in our region’s natural environment. We use organic and local products whenever possible – a difference you can taste. The majority of the meat we use, for example, comes from the Nockberge region, where each individual cow has its own pasture for grazing.

Our gourmet cook prepares Carinthian and Austrian cuisine for our guests and our innkeeper delivers only the best, right to the door of your luxury holiday cottage. Combine gourmet Austrian food with sustainability to experience a lifestyle that is at one with Nature here at Almdorf Seinerzeit.

Wirtshaus Seinerzeit

Here we serve up cuisine that skilfully combines Austrian tradition with the lightness of the Mediterranean Alps-Adriatic region. Everything is honest and genuine, the ingredients come from our area and the season determines the menu.

Enjoy products that are delivered personally by the farmer next door – that is authenticity you can taste.

Wine Cellar

A meal in our wine cellar will be the pinnacle of your stay at Almdorf Seinerzeit sustainable chalet resort. The best vintages lined up on long shelves behind you; a crackling fire in the fireplace in front of you; surrounded by the loved ones with whom you enjoy spending your time the most.

On top of all this, you will be served an exquisite dinner with specially chosen wines. Enjoy delicacies of Austrian cuisine such as trout, tender veal, strawberry sorbet and much more.
As it is very popular, we recommend booking our wine cellar in advance.


Our "Holzknechthütte" is a culinary highlight, in the truest sense of the word. It exceeds all expectations – of comfort, of good views, of high-quality products, and of the cordiality of the head chef. Our chef prepares authentic, multi-course meals over an open fire in this small chalet. It has been dubbed "The World's smallest restaurants" by several big media outlets like the BBC and New York Times.

Fine wines complete the experience and the views from the panorama windows are simply majestic. Because the "Holzknechthütte" is very popular, we recommend booking a table (for two or up to a maximum of four guests) before your holiday.

Gasthaus Fellacher

Gasthaus Fellacher is a rustic restaurant with nearly 50 seats and a beautiful terrace. Here our chef spoils you with specially-chosen seasonal classics of Austrian cuisine such as asparagus, goulash or roast pork straight from a traditional oven.

This restaurant is perfect for private events and team incentives such as traditional strudel baking classes or cheese dumpling cooking classes.

Your personal innkeeper

One of the best things at Almdorf Seinerzeit sustainable resort is delicious Austrian food – and you can even have it delivered to or freshly prepared in your luxury holiday cottage from morning till night.

From crispy farmhouse bread to freshly brewed coffee and piping hot eggs – ready as soon as you get out of bed – to tender roast pork, classic alpine dishes or our barbecue specials – let our innkeeper spoil you with true Carinthian hospitality and sustainable, local products.


Cookery classes:

Did you enjoy our traditional Austrian cuisine so much that you think you would like to enjoy it after your holiday at Almdorf Seinerzeit chalet village? Our head chef Robin Berger and his team will share their kitchen skills with you in an entertaining way – and with a dash of humour. Whether you prepare traditional Carinthian “Kasnudel” stuffed pasta or whip up sweet plum dumplings, you are guaranteed to have a great time and receive interesting background information about the food.
Please tell us when you would like to take your class before your holiday.


Our kitchen team will personally prepare your food to be grilled. Let us heat up the barbecue on the terrace of your luxury holiday cottage and you can take over the reigns of “grill master” when the tender beef or freshly-caught char is ready to go. Look forward to a meal with delicious sides, salads and a cool beer – a real treat even in winter.

Picnics and hiking:

Nothing is better than a tasty summer picnic with beautiful panoramic views of a green alpine meadow. Imagine that unforgettable moment when, after a difficult ascent, you take off your rucksack packed with delicious snacks and wander off into the distance. Our kitchen team will be happy to pack everything that belongs in a hearty alpine hiker’s snack for you.