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Welcome to your luxury chalet.
Now go outside!

We believe the nature that surrounds our luxury ski chalets is a good friend and an excellent doctor. For this reason we encourage our guests whenever we can to make use of this great gift. Go hiking!

Feel the fresh mountain air! Experience everything you can so that you understand how beautiful it is to live in harmony with nature! Besides the nearby biking and hiking trails, we offer activities that will excite, inspire and fascinate you. Because after all, a real holiday is a holistic experience.

Luxury yoga retreats at Das Almdorf ski chalet resort

Several times a year we offer relaxing luxury yoga retreats under the open Carinthian sky. Here, where the most luscious herbs grow, it is easy to find deep, quiet peace. What could be better than doing something good for yourself outdoors, at one with nature, and strengthening your body and soul in a simple, sustainable way?