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experience at Das Almdorf chalet village


Lilly and Kathi are happiest living in a herd with other donkeys, but they get along well with sheep, cattle, and goats – they even protect them from the wolves! Our donkeys are also natural lawnmowers. You can pet them if you’d like but please don’t feed them, especially bread!


All of our cats at Das Almdorf have their own area – their own holiday cottage, so to speak. They are always careful to be sure that they’re welcome in your holiday cottage and invited to come in. Sometimes your cottage’s cat might come for a visit and would love to receive a little treat from you!


Our rabbit hutch has been built with precise detail and scale. When the animals retreat inside, they don’t want to be disturbed or touched. In the enclosure, the rabbits can move about freely and are happy when you come to visit. The gate must always stay closed, or the animals might attempt an escape! If this happens, we’ll have to try and catch them before night falls and the fox tries to come by for a snack.


Are you looking for an adventure and want to solve mysteries at Das Almdorf chalet village? Ask at our reception desk and we’ll give you and your friends everything you need for your expedition!


You can treat yourself at our Alm Spa, too! Kids’ massages, facial treatments, manicures, face painting and much more are available for you. Your mum or dad can make appointments for the Alm Spa sessions at our reception desk.


With the Carinthia Card on your Austria family holiday, you’ll have access to 100 attractions all around Carinthia for free or with a discounted entry fee. Our reception desk has a catalogue of everything that’s available with the Carinthia Card. Just ask us!


We have beautiful, natural ponds for swimming and rafting. Always be careful and mindful of the animals that live there. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, make sure you have your mum or dad along with you!

25 minutens

EUR 30,oo

25 minutens

EUR 30,oo

Happy Hands & Feet
25 minutens

EUR 30,oo

25 minutes

EUR 25,oo


Minimum Age :You must be at least 16 years old to visit the sauna at Das Almdorf chalet village. If you are under 16, you can visit the baths with your parents until 3:00 pm.


You’ll never be bored on your Austria holiday at Das Almdorf! We have plenty of games and books to borrow at our reception desk, as well as markers and paper for drawing. Enjoy!